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Episode 18: Until The End

Posted by Sonicity Fitzroy on Wednesday, August 28, 2013,

Continuing from where we left off, Episode 18....(Episodes 1-17 archived on this site, The Book Series)

As Belinda ran forward in anger, the world around her began to blur. She could not stop running, a force propelled her. Her angry had jettisoned her forward , but something else kept in her motion. She tried to look back. Her head would not turn to either side. What energy had control of her that she could not stop? She was simultaneously motionless and in motion; she was set on au...
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About Our Episodes

Posted by Sonicity Fitzroy on Wednesday, August 28, 2013,

Here you will find the latest episodes of our series - The Adventures of Bel and Soni.  

If you are new to our story, please be sure to catch up by reading The Book Series, archived on this site.   The story is written my Sonicity, with creative input by Belinda into the plot.    Belinda is the chief photographer on this series.    Sometimes the text will be posted before the photos - this series is always a work in progress. 

As such, we welcome input from our readers, and suggestions for tw...
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